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Therapeutic Riding of Tulsa (TROT) specializes in providing adaptive multi-faceted horse therapy services to children with special needs. We offer many interactive and cutting-edge horse therapy solutions. The uniqueness of equine assisted activities and therapies lies in the gait of the horse. A horse’s gait has a three-dimensional swinging motion that creates a dynamic therapy tool for the rider, enabling the rider to experience up/down, forward/backward, and side-to-side motion – all the while stimulating muscle, brain, emotional, and social activity. Therapeutic horseback riding had been linked to physical, cognitive, emotional, and social benefits.



The first session will be an assessment consultation.  Riders will be scheduled for a 45-minute time-slot.  Thirty minutes of activities will be planned with 15 minutes allotted to help with transitions.  Session activities will depend on the individual rider and his/her needs that particular day.  Some sessions may consist of therapeutic horseback riding, while others will consist of grooming the horse or ground activities involving the horse.  Parent or guardian participation may be requested, if applicable.  This can be helpful to create a shared experience between the rider and parent.



Dressing in layers may be beneficial as riders can warm up quickly during activities.  Helmets are required to be worn by each rider.  We will have some helmets available for use, but some riders may prefer to bring their own.


Individual sessions

$55 each due at each session

Monthly Packages

The monthly packages include a 10% discount on each session and a free session during months with 5 weeks.

Month-to-Month: $200 due on the 1st of each month

Monthly Auto-draft: $200 auto charged on the 1st of each month


If a rider must miss a session, 24 hours advance notice is required.  With advanced notice, every attempt will be made to schedule a make-up session.  A rider with 3-consecutive absences without notice or late notice will lose his/her session time.

With the covered arena, we hope to not have to cancel many sessions due to weather.  However, if inclement weather does occur, please communicate with the instructor to determine if a cancellation or delay is necessary.